The material

  Sometimes we do not choose the path but the path chooses us. I started to recycle discarded glass in an era that it was of very easy access. It was in times of real estate bonanza of Barcelona back in 2005 and I needed glass to do my tests and create without worrying about unnecessary expenses. I found windows left on the pavements on my way to the workshop, it was a very comfortable situation. I did not even think that what I was doing was recycling.

  The reuse and repurpose of the raw material is one of the aspects that I value the most in my work. To be able to create a new product from discarded material that nobody wants, to give life to these windows that carry so many stories in their "souls" is a real pleasure.

Not knowing the origin of the glass can sometimes cause problems of incompatibility and unexpected reactions in the firing process, but it's really worth it. Most of the time opening the oven is an act of pure joy. That's when you realize how wonderful recycling can be, how beautiful the results of this action can be.