bglass logo inspired by glass jewerly butterfly
Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass

The Process of creation at bglass jewerly

The life of a B Glass bcn jewel starts, with the search for a discarded window. When old windows are removed from a house, I pick them up and bring them with me to my studio, already here iniciating their journey to a new utility.

In my studio I start with taking the glass sheet out of its frame, very carefully, so it doesn’t break. This step can be complicated depending on the type of fixation used when creating the window. During this process I think about the stories that the glass keeps after years of protecting from the cold but letting rays of light shine through, illuminating a secret room where everyday life was lived, and at occasions, also special events.

Small pieces of glass begin to come out from my hands after releasing the large glass pane from its frame, with the only noise that of the glass cutter wheel that passing over the surface of the glass. A perfect cut creates a pleasant little noise in my ears, and I focus on reaching this glorious sound. That part of the process is almost meditative to me. Repetitive movements let the mind fly on its own, even though hands are focused on the work’s execution. I begin to see colors and shapes, for the moment imaginary, I am preparing to paint and I can hardly wait. But first, the tiny glass canvases have to be cleaned to remove any traces of grease and dust. I am piling them up in small shimmering and shining piles like miniature sculptural structures, or a small crystal forest.

Finally my favorite part among all arrives, now I can start with what I have longed for all the time of the preparation of those tiny glass canvases. Now begins the enjoyment of color and imagination. In those moments my mind is no longer connecting with the past, now it is thinking about the jewels and their future owners. What stories will they live together?

What kind of person are you and what can I create to brighten your day, or give you a touch of color for those mornings in a rush. Maby I will try to get your lips to curl into a smile. What would you like to wear to feel unique and special? If you are like me, you love nature, art and everything done with love and with soul. The objects made with intent to overcome the passing of time, jewels that are so special that they end up being part of you. All this I try to capture in those little glass canvases.

Now the most magical moment is approaching. The kiln has played its part in this tale of creation, it’s time to open it and discover a new and bright world of colors and shapes softened by fire. The transformation has been completed, they are no longer windows, they are cabochons of glass, full of history, color and imagination, ready to form jewels to live and enjoy.

Grete Rovik-Larsen