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Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass
earrings Bohemian brass honeycomb dangle earrings with unique glass charm

Bohemian brass honeycomb dangle earrings with unique glass charm

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Golden brass earrings embellished with a handcrafted glass charm and finished off with a dew drop in Czech glass.

Boho earrings, elegant and chic for when you need that little extra to set you apart from the crowd.

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Art for ears designed for women who love the exciting feeling of dangling earrings in her ears, without feeling them drag the earlobe down. Awesome and comfortable at the same time!

Materials: Raw brass (nickel and lead free) Recycled fused glass bead

Length: 50 millimeters (2 inches) Width: 22 millimeters (0.8 inch)

Enhance your look uniquely as well as sustainably. The glass charm was made from recycled window glass collected from the surroundings of the beautiful city of Barcelona. Who says you can't do good to the planet while also feeling gorgeous?

Brass is an alloy between copper and zinc, it tarnishes when exposed to humidity. The tarnished brass get a warm, antique look, also very attractive. You can keep it from tarnishing by cleaning it regularly with a jewelry tissue and storing it in an airtight bag when you're not wearing them.

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44.00 EUR
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