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earrings Dandelion earrings stud

Dandelion earrings stud, Modern recycled glass jewelry

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Make a wish! Spruce up your everyday look in a fun and unique way with these handmade dandelion earrings in a vibrant orange color or black. Dive into the universe of glass and get mesmerized with its amazing depth and shine.

Choose the color in the drop-down box.

The glass piece measures around 0.39 x 0.39 inches (10 x 10 millimeters).

Earrings made with a glass cabochon holding a dainty hand painted dandelion inside. The glass creates a fascinating depth effect enhancing the decor inside.

Mounted on solid sterling silver posts, these earrings are perfect for delicate skin types.

Lightweight and very comfortable for everyday wear.

They would make an excellent sustainable gift for your nature loving daughter, sister or best friend. Made out of recycled window glass from old buildings in the surroundings of Barcelona in Spain. Glass with history gets a new life as tiny objects of art to wear.

Solid and durable earrings, the glass has been fused at 1490°F / 800°C and properly annealed for max strength. Colors are permanent and will never fade or disappear in any way.

You will receive your earrings nicely packaged ready to give as gift. Please leave me a message if the receiver is a male so I can package adequately.

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32.00 EUR
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