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earrings Delft blue monstera earrings

Delft blue monstera earrings, Artsy leaf earrings

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Spice up your look with these delft blue monstera leaf earrings by adding a little nature to your outfit.

Keep the nature close wherever you are.

Perfect gift for the plant lover or gardener in your life.

The earrings are made with reclaimed window glass and do not contain any components from the animal world, perfect for vegans and persons who care about the environment.

The glass creates a magic depth and shine, bringing the decor to life in a unique way.

The glass beads are solid and resistant, they have been fused at very high temperatures( 1490ºF / 800ºC).

Each glass bead measures around 0.35 x 0.35 inches (9 x 9 millimeters), and 0.16 inches (4 mm) thick on the thickest point. They're small and not heavy, they will not stretch your earlobes.

Ideal for people with sensitive skin; mounted on solid sterling silver posts with backings in the same material.

The abstract decor is painted with a glaze made of glass particles and fused into the glass. It'll never fade or wear off.

You will receive your B Glass jewelry packaged ready to give as gift.

The glass used for the earrings comes from windows of old buildings in the surroundings of beautiful Barcelona in Spain, let the story live on!

Here's the ring for a set:

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28.00 EUR
Buy it!