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earrings Fun mermaid glass hoop earrings

Fun mermaid glass hoop earrings, Hand painted enamel

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Cute and fun fused glass earrings in bright orange or white. Solid sterling silver hoops suitable for sensitive skin.

• Playful and fun, would make a perfect gift for a mom. Ideal for those who kept the little girl in her.

• Made of recycled window glass - eco friendly and sustainable gift option.

• Waterproof, colors are permanently fused into the glass and will never fade or disappear in any way.

• Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

• Mounted on solid 930 silver hoops, good for sensitive skin.

• Comes nicely packaged in a box, easy to give as gift.

• Measurement hoop Orange earrings: 1.37 inches (35 millimeters) diameter White earrings: 1.25 inches (32 millimeters) diameter The glass piece measures 0.6 inches (16 x 16 millimeters) in both pairs. The glass is fused at very high temperatures (1490°F/810°C) and properly annealed for max strength.

Made of reclaimed window glass coming from old spanish buildings. Each tiny jewelry piece carries within stories from the past. Let the tale continue!

My intention with each jewelry piece is to create a genuine art piece. That means each design has a limited edition, and each piece has its own personal distinction. Every piece is hand painted by me, I don't use decals.

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38.00 EUR
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