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Fused glass earrings studs, Hand painted butterfly

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Unique pieces of art captured in glass, hand painted butterflies in a pair of earrings. Carry the summer forest with you all year round.

Sweet butterfly earrings uniquely made for the nature lovers in this world. Hand painted on tiny glass pieces and fused in a profesional kiln. These earrings would make a unique mothers day gift.

The butterfly has many symbolic meanings depending on the culture. They are symbols of life, endurance, change and hope. A butterfly often appears when someone is going through tough times, as a symbol of support. Butterflies are beautiful creatures that have the illustrious power of transformation.

The square glass bead measures 0.39 x 0.39 inches (10 x 10 millimeters).

Lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear.

What you get:

• A pair of real handcrafted glass earrings made by an artisan (me in my glass studio).

• Pieces of art to wear, the glass is hand painted, not a reproduction.

• Hypoallergenic ear posts and backings made of SOLID sterling silver 925, suitable for sensitive skin.

• A sustainable item perfect to give to an environmentally conscious daughter, friend, sister, wife, girlfriend… (we care about the environment)

• An item with a unique story - the glass used to make these earrings came from a waste window of an old building in Spain.

• Cute packaging perfect for a gift included in the price.

• A piece of my heart, cause I put my heart into every piece I create :)

The earrings are hand painted with permanent enamels and glazes that will never fade or disappear.

All my glass jewelry is fused at 1490ºF (800ºC) and is properly annealed for max strength and durability. These earrings are made to last for years.

My intention with each jewelry piece is to create a genuine art piece. That means each design has a limited edition, and each piece has its own personal distinction. Every jewel is hand painted by me, I don't use decals.

If you have any questions I'm more than happy to help, just write me a message.

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29.00 EUR
Buy it!