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Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass
earrings Fused glass monstera leaf earrings dangle

Fused glass monstera leaf earrings dangle, Sterling silver

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A unique hand painted monstera plant leaf in a recycled fused glass bead. Elegant rectangular shape with softly rounded corners, simple yet stunning.

Total drop length: 42 millimeters (1 ²¹/₃₂")

Spruce up your everyday look with a sweet pair of nature earrings, perfect gift for a plant mom.

You get:

• A pair of real handcrafted glass earrings made by an artisan (me in my glass studio).

• Earrings suitable for sensitive skin - the hooks are of solid sterling silver and high quality.

• A sustainable item perfect to give to an environmentally conscious friend, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend… (we care about the environment)

• An item with a unique story - the glass used to make these earrings came from a window of an old building in Spain.

• A well made, durable pair of earrings to be loved and enjoyed for years to come, it's all in the details.

• Cute packaging included in the price, perfect for a gift.

• A piece of my heart, cause I put my heart into every piece I create :)

They are not heavy and will not stretch your earlobes.

These little glass gems are hand painted with high temperature glazes and enamels placed inside the glass. The shiny transparent glass creates a magical depth and gloss to the finished piece.

All my glass jewelry is fused at 1490ºF (800ºC) and is properly annealed for max strength and durability. Colors are permanent and will not fade or disappear in any way. The float glass is as hard and resistant as many gemstones (harder than fluorite and apatite for example)

If you have any questions I'm more than happy to help, just write me a message.

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Thank you for your interest in BGLASSbcn! Grete

31.00 EUR
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