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Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass
earrings Long purple earrings dangle bar

Long purple earrings dangle bar

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Delicate bubbles inside the glass created by the combination of the glass, glazes, oxides and the fire.
The earrings are hand painted in purple colors with multiple bubbles under the glass causing a sparkling and fascinating effect.

Made for a person with love for art and a need to express her individuality with what she wears. For those who need something that nobody else has. One of a kind pieces that are not made for the mainstream, but for the distinct woman.

Measures: 0 13/64 inch x 1 3/16 inch (5 mm x 30 mm) Total drop length: 1 1/5 inch (40 millimeters).

The earrings in the pictures are sold but you will receive some as beautiful and very similar.

The story of an old window lives on in the form of a stunning pair of earrings. The glass I use for my jewelry has history, coming from old catalan buildings. This is your chance to let the tale continue. In this way you can feel a connection to your jewelry and wear it as a tiny part of you.

By buying these earrings you are helping in the common work of preserving our planet. The glass is recycled from used windows, and in your hands as you care for them and treasure them, they will last for many years to come.

These earrings will reflect your singularity in a colorful and unique way.

The earrings are hand painted with the bubble decoration lying inside the glass. You do not have to worry about fading color, the enamel is permanently melted into the glass. It even has a layer of glass on top, and this creates the most wonderful depth and shine.

In case you are among those with sensitive skin I made the earrings of sterling silver, free from nickel, so you can wear them on a daily basis.

Don't worry about gift wrapping, you will receive the earrrings packaged in a box ready to give as gift, for free.

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Thank you for your interest in BGLASSbcn! Grete

32.00 EUR
Buy it!