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Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass
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Red dots glass earrings, Square studs, Fused glass jewelry

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Small but no less captivating, these earrings are for those who love all things unique. Made with recycled glass from windows around Barcelona, they carry with them the stories of the buildings they came from. They are the perfect accessory for people who care about the environment.

Each earring is made from two layers of glass with the enamel deposited between them, all hand painted. Glass and enamel have been fused at a high temperature to form a solid piece of glass with a fascinating depth effect.

The glass piece has been securly fixed with industrial epoxy adhesive to a 925 sterling silver base with a sterling silver butterfly back. Nickel free and good for sensitive skin.

The piece of glass measures 9-10mm (0.35"), and about 4mm (0.15") thick. Measures can vary by one millimeter.

You will receive the earrings nicely packaged ready to be gifted.

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29.00 EUR
Buy it!