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earrings Rustic aquamarine earrings

Rustic aquamarine earrings, Simple handmade gemstone jewelry

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Rustic, aquamarine crystal earrings, made with copper wire, entirely handcrafted. The copper has been treated with a dark patina which gives a beautiful contrast to the soft aqua color in the stone.

The earrings measure 50 millimeters total drop length

These earrings are perfect for women who love to wear long earrings but need them to be lightweight. They are comfortable and elegant without stretching the earlobes. They look really sweet hanging delicately from the ear.

You will receive your earrings in a box ready to give as gift.

The solder I have used is a lead free tin solder wich gives these earrings that old vintage feel. The faceted aquamarine nugget moves freely up and down the copper wire and falls nicely on place when the earrings are hanging.

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32.00 EUR
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