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Spiderweb earrings, Unique jewelry for goth girl

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Small spider web glass earrings in deep red or black color of your choice. Unisex accessories to spruce up your unique look.

Perfect gift for the witchy goth in your life.

Decor lies inside the glass, is hand painted with high quality enamels and colors are permanent and will never fade or wear off.

These earring are lightweight and comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Posts and backings are made of solid sterling silver suitable for people with sensitive skin.

You will receive the earrings packaged ready to give as a gift.

These post earrings measure about 0.35in x 0.35in (10 mm x 10 mm)

The glass was fired at 1490ºF/800ºc, so the spider web design is trapped inside the melted glass. The top layer of glass creates a wonderful depth effect and a beautiful gloss.

All my jewelry is made of reclaimed window glass from old buildings in Barcelona, a sustainable and eco friendly gift alternative for those who care about the environment.

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28.00 EUR
Buy it!