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Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass
earrings Whimsical blue angel earrings

Whimsical blue angel earrings, Sterling silver, Fused glass jewelry

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Whimsical angel earrings handmade from glass and sterling silver.

Light blue color. Glass piece size: 9 x 9 millimeters

Cute angel earrings inspired in the whimsical drawings of small children. Here you get an angel in each ear to watch over you.

The tiny angel painting gets enhanced by the top layer of glass that creates the most amazing depth and shine. The hand painted image inside the glass changes as the angle of view changes. These little details makes the earrings so special and unique.

The earrings in the pictures already sold, but you will receive a pair very similar but just as cute and unique.

My intention with each jewelry piece is to create a genuine art piece. That means each design has a limited edition, and each piece has its own personal distinction. Every piece is hand painted by me, I don't use decals.

I use glass with history, coming from used windows taken from old buildings in Catalonia, Spain. -their stories get a new life as tiny pieces of jewelry for you enjoy, or someone you love.

No extra charges for gift packaging, I send all my jewelry out ready to give as gift.

The photos are made with the intention of representing the colors in the most realistic way. Be aware though, that even in real life the color tone of a piece can change, due to the light source.

Please contact me with any doubts or concerns you may have regarding your purchase. I am always more than happy to help and want every transaction to be as pleasant as possible for my customers.

Thank you for choosing BGLASSbcn Grete

29.00 EUR
Buy it!