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men Skull cuff links

Skull cuff links, Memento Mori black and white, Cool gift for men

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Skull cufflinks, the perfect gift for the refined yet untamed man. This cool pair of cufflinks are made using artisan techniques and are one of a kind.

Hand painted with high temperature glazes, fired at 1490ºF (810ºC) and securely fixed on gunmetal finished cufflink blanks. The cufflinks do not stain the textiles.

Square shape in black and white colors, the hand painted skull image lays underneath a thick layer of glass which creates a cool depth effect. The image changes due to the angle of vision.

The square glass gem measures 0 19⁄32in x 0 19⁄32in (15mm x 15mm) and is about 6mm thick.

You will receive the cufflinks in a box ready to give as gift.

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30.00 EUR
Buy it!