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necklaces Gray dandelion boho pendant necklace

Gray dandelion boho pendant necklace, Romantic nature jewelry

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Gray dandelion pendant made from fused recycled glass and lead free tin solder.

A botanical themed necklace that would make a perfect gift for a nature lover. Eco friendly gifts made with recycled glass from discarded windows.

Silver leaf and copper oxide inlays give a unique touch to the original enamel painting.

A dark patina enhances the beautifully textured metal.

The glass has a shiny surface polished by the fire. The transparent top-layer of glass creates a fascinating depth to the decor underneath it.

Pendant measures: 1 7/32 inches width, 1 21/32 inches tall (31 mm width and 42 mm tall) bail included.

Choose your chain length in the drop-down box.

From 26 inches the chain will be long enough to easily slip over your head. Perfect for busy women or if you have pain or weakness in your hands not having to fight with the clasp.

You will recieve the necklace nicely packaged ready to give as gift.

The pendant is made of recycled window panes. I have painted with enamels between the two layers of glass which has then been fused at 1490ºF/800ºC to form a solid, durable and resistant glass cabochon.

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40.00 EUR
Buy it!