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Kinetic gemstone pendant, Rustic copper cage necklace

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Rustic copper cage pendant with turquoise howlitenuggets. Perfect for the anxious who likes to fiddle with something.

The calming effect of the howlite stones moving up and down on the copper wire while you move the pendant, will turn this necklace into your favorite everyday talisman.

If you prefer lightweight necklaces this is the necklace for you, you'll hardly notice you're wearing it.

Also, if you normally get bothered by pendants that turn around and show the backside all the time, you will love this one as it has no backside!

The turquoise howlite stones are threaded on a copper wire and moves freely up and down if you chake the pendant.

The pendant measures aproximately 75mm tall and 20mm wide.

The dainty dark chain closes with a lobster clasp. Choose the length in the drop-down box.

The copper wire has been soldered with lead free solder and is treated with patina to give the metal a dark antique look.

You will receive the necklace nicely packaged ready to give as a gift.

Thank you for buying from B Glass bcn! Grete

35.00 EUR
Buy it!