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necklaces Red boho pendant necklace

Red boho pendant necklace, Eco friendly long necklace

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Rustic eye-catching pendant in amazing deep red color. Inspire your everyday with this unique necklace in the length of your choice. Sprucing up your style is easy with this necklace, and will help you connect with your own creativity.

You can choose it long to pair it with a high neckline sweater or a give it a more casual look over a open neck shirt. Short lengths are great to enhance your neck when you wear a deeper neckline. Look at the picture with different lengths for reference.

The pendant measures 1 x 1 inch (25 x 25 millimeters). Choose your favourite chain length in the drop-down box. The necklace in the pictures measures 50 cm long (20 inches)

The pendant is entirely handmade and the decor is a hand painted abstract ivy which is permanently fused between two layers of glass. I make my glass jewelry of reclaimed window panes which I cut, paint and fire, using traditional artisan techniques but with a modern twist. Each window pane has its own story, now living on as tiny pieces of art to wear.

The metal solder I use is lead free, it's an alloy of 95% tin and 5% copper. It has been treated with a dark patina to enhance the texture in the solder and give it an attractive aged and rustic look.

The red ivy decoration is hand painted using enamels specially made for very high temperatures (1490ºF). The decor is permanent and will not fade nor change with time. The glass surface has a wonderful glossy look that together with the thickness of the glass creates an amazing depth effect to the decor inside it.

You will receive the necklace in the pictures, nicely packaged ready to give as gift.

Thank you for your interest in B Glass bcn! Grete

41.00 EUR
Buy it!