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necklaces Turquoise full moon necklace

Turquoise full moon necklace, Stained glass jewelry

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Full moon pendant necklace unique of its kind. Sculpted with metal and recycled fused glass.

The glass moon is handpainted with unique turquoise blue enamels and a touch of golden mica that is permanently fused to the glass. The enamels will never fade or wear off.

Perfect gift for women who love expressing her own individuality in a unique and creative way.

We embrace the fact that the glass is reclaimed since we care about our environment. We want to minimize our waste footprint on mother earth so our future generations can enjoy this planet.

The glass used comes from discarded windows taken from old catalan buildings. Stories from the past living on in a unique jewel for you to wear and enjoy.

The pendant measures 1 11/32 inches in diameter (34 mm) Choose your necklace legth in the drop down box. The necklace in the picture measures 28 inches long (70 cm).

You don't have to worry about gift wrapping, the necklace wil arrive packaged in a box ready to give as gift.

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40.00 EUR
Buy it!