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Unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass

Rings - unique glass handmade jewelry

Fanciful rings that will fill you with confidence.

t’s possible to care about the environment and look extraordinary at the same time. B Glass rings are extravagant, modern and sustainable. I make unique rings from recycled window glass. The glass proceeds from old buildings in the surroundings of Barcelona which I collect and prepare for its usage. I make modern statement rings in playful designs for the urban nature lover, perfect to enhance your personality in an informal and fun way. The fused glass cabochon is solid and resistant, and can easily take a daily usage. The rings are made to last and to be enjoyed for a long time. The glass ring is comfortable to wear thanks to its adjustable wide band. It sits steady on your finger as you can easily pull it open or push it to make it smaller. This also makes it a perfect gift option, you can surprise a friend, sister, mother, wife or girlfriend, whithout having to know their ring size. I mount the rings in silver plated brass or solid sterling silver, sterling silver being perfect for people with sensitive skin. The ring designs you find on this site are ready to ship, but if you have something special in mind I would love you to contact me so we can make your dream reality together.