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rings Chunky fern ring

Chunky fern ring, Hand painted yellow and blue, Sterling silver

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Hand painted fern in a ring, blue and yellow colors. Chunky glass cabochon mounted on sterling silver band.

Big beautiful ring to infuse you with confidence. Mesmerizing, magical depth and shine enhancing the fern decor inside the glass.

Adjustable size easy to adapt to any finger. A wide sterling silver band makes this ring comfortable to wear despite its massive size.

The glass cabochon measures about 25/32 in x 25/32 in and 9/36 in thick (20 mm x 20 mm x 7 mm) and is mounted on an adjustable solid sterling silver ring.

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All my jewelry is made from descarded window glass coming from old catalan buildings. Each little piece of jewelry carries inside stories from the past.

I cut the glass by hand and then hand paint with high temperature enamels all being fired at temperatures around 1490ºF/810ºC

You will receive the exact same ring as the photos.

The fern image is placed in between of two layers of glass that are fused together to become a whole piece of solid glass. The cabochon has pleasant rounded corners and a beautiful glossy surface. The thickness of the glass creates a wonderful depth effect.

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39.00 EUR
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