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rings Chunky glass ring dandelion burnt orange

Chunky glass ring dandelion burnt orange

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Unique dandelion ring in burnt orange colors. Large, chunky hand painted glass cabochon made for a nature lover. Rounded corners melted by the fire gives the ring a highly pleasant finish.

The thick glass brings a magic depth and works like a dome to the dandelion decor inside the glass. A perfect shiny surface gives light and enhances the colors depending on the light source.

The cabochon measures 0 25/32" x 1" (20 x 25 millimeters) The ring band is adjustable size and can easily be adjusted to fit any finger by opening or closing the ring band, perfect for hot summer days with swollen fingers.

The painting is similar to a watercolor painting, part of the edges are transistioning from the intense orange to a brown-beige color, this gives a delicate look to the painting.

The glass has been fused at very high temperature (1490ºF/800ºC) to form a solid and sturdy cabochon. The floral painting is trapped inside the molten glass and will never fade or wear off.

You don't have to worry about gift wrapping as you will receive your dandelion ring nicely packaged ready to give as gift.

I love to get inspired by the nature and feel a deep connection to it. The preservation of the natural environment and its fauna is important to me. I make all my glass jewelry from reclaimed window glass and hope you will appreciate this modest intent of sustainability in my work.

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28.00 EUR
Buy it!