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rings Long bar ring emerald green

Long bar ring emerald green, Rustic bohemian stained glass jewelry

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Rustic bar ring with a bohemian flair. A must have for any unique ring collection.

Feel unique with this gorgeous glass gem set in a beautiful rustic bezel. The bezel has been soldered to an adjustable brass ring so it can fit any finger.

The focal piece measures 35 millimeters long (1 3/8 inch)

This unique ring is handmade with a fused glass cabochon which is hand painted with various enamels resulting in a one of a kind piece. The glass bead is set in a lead free tin soldered bezel mounted on an adjustable brass ring. The ring is adjustable meaning that it can be opened or closed after need. In neutral position it's about a US 7. The ring has received a patina treatment to create depth and enhance the texture in the metal.

I created the glass piece using oxides combined with enamels that has melted together at 1490ºF (800ºC) to form a beautiful glass gem. This particular piece has a beautiful blue color.

This is a robust and solid ring that can take an everyday use.

You will receive your B Glass jewelry packaged ready to give as gift.

Fun fact: My glass gems are made of glass that comes from windows taken from old buildings in Barcelona (Spain). Their story lives on as unique pieces of jewelry. For behind the scene and process pics follow me on Instagram: @bglassbcn

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39.00 EUR
Buy it!