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rings Ocean green mermaid scales ring

Ocean green mermaid scales ring, Enamel in glass hand painted

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This ocean green ring was inspired by fascinating sea creatures as are the mermaids and sirens. The dark deep in the vast ocean holds unknown creatures exposed in countless tales and myths around the world. The vikings believed in the existence of the margyge, a dangerous sea creature that would appear just before a storm. The margyge would always search for a ship to founder so they could drown the sailors. The scales in this ring do not belong to a margyge but to a beautiful mermaid.

This ring would make a perfect gift for a surfer girl or a beachcomber.

The glass piece measures 0.7 x 0.7 inches (22 x 22 millimeters)

It's made out of three layers of transparent glass and painted with vitreous enamels in between each layer. This creates a magical depth effect to the scales decor inside.

The glass comes from discarded windows of old buildings in the surroundings of Barcelona, Spain.

Thanks to the wide sterling silver band this ring sits firmly on the finger and is comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

This ring can be adjusted to fit any finger by opening or closing to the needed size, perfect for days with swollen fingers.

The ring shaft is made of solid sterling silver suitable for those with sensitive skin.

You will receive your B Glass ring nicely packaged ready for gift.

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38.00 EUR
Buy it!