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rings Quirky devil ring

Quirky devil ring, Square fused glass tile ring

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Cute and fun devil ring, choose between the red, orange, blue or gray color in the drop-down box.

This ring will complement your halloween outfit in a unique way and can perfectly be worn all year around.

The wide band makes it comfortable to wear and the best part; it's adjustable so you can easily open or close it for a perfect fit.

The glass piece is made of two glass sheets that was fused together with the glazes in between. This creates a magical depth effect enhancing the decor inside the glass.

Made from recycled window glass the ring would make a great sustainable gift alternative.

The glass piece meassures around 0 25⁄32 inches x 0 25⁄32 inches (23 mm x 23 mm)

You will receive your B Glass ring nicely packaged ready to give as a gift.

The glass is hand painted with a lot of care using glazes and enamels for high temperatures. The colors are permanent and will never fade or disappear in any way. All my glass jewelry is fused at 1490ºF (810ºC) and is properly annealed for max strength and durability.

The glass I use for my glass jewelry comes from used windows of old buildings in the surroundings of beautiful Barcelona in Spain. Each window holds its own history, you can keep their story alive as pieces of art jewelry.

31.00 EUR
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