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rings Rustic unisex stacking ring

Rustic unisex stacking ring, Boho chic adjustable rings

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Rustic unisex ring in mixed metals (copper and pewter) perfect for stacking, but beautiful alone as a simple elegant statement piece.

For a modern anniversary gift glass is the perfect material to symbolize the 3rd year union.

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This ring is made for someone who gives importance to preserving the environment, the glass bead is made from recycled window glass of buildings in the surroundings of Barcelona in Spain.

This unique glass bead has a permanent glaze on top (fired at 810ºC/1490ºF) and is set in a lead free tin bezel, soldered to an adjustable copper ring. The ring is well made and durable.

You can switch the ring to any finger thanks to the adjustable size, very useful on warm summer days when our fingers tend to swell.

The metal has received a dark patina to enhance the rustic texture in the metal.

The glass used comes from discarded windows taken from buildings in the surroundings of the beautiful city Barcelona.

You will receive your ring packaged ready to give as gift.

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28.00 EUR
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