About B Glass bcn

  Welcome to my world of unique jewelry handmade from recycled glass! I'm Grete and I'm the founder and the maker of B Glass bcn.


  I make jewelry for women who care for the environment and who also like to feel unique searching for accessories to manifest their own uniqueness. I want to bring an original touch to their style that will take them out of the "boring modus" and inspire them to show the world that they are inimitable women. No one else will carry the same jewel that they buy in my store since they are buying a unique piece that will be theirs and only theirs.


  Mass production is not my thing. Mass produced products often have an opaque origin, and often causes damage and suffering in the area where the factories are located as well as when they move these factories to other more profitable places for the benefit of large companies. Under an expensive cost of humando and environmental suffering we obtain very reduced prices that transmit all the negativity of how they are produced, these objects do not give us positive sensations and we do not usually keep them for a long time.


  Even though technologies and industry are gaining importance in our lives, we should never forget that we can still create beautiful objects with our own hands. I use my hands to create jewelry with a meaning that goes beyond the merely aesthetic aspect. Jewels that respect the environment, since they are made from glass recovered from windows of old buildings that are located in the metropolitan area of Barcelona.


  I give a great importance to the individual artisan object. I believe that what defines an artisanal item is the spiritual presence of the craftsman/woman at the moment of creation of that object. That presence is reflected in the object when we love what we do, those feelings breathe through the finished piece.


  I also believe that the high quality of handmade objects takes us away from the growing use-and-throw mentality. An object created by an artisan transmits timelessness and durability, they are objects to love, enjoy and keep for a long period of time.

  My intention in every single jewelry piece is to create a genuine and unique piece of art.

  I love nature – animals, insects and people as a part of it - and those are my sources of inspiration.

  Thank you for giving of your time to read this!